Procera Unveils Game-Changing PacketLogic Report Studio

Procera Unveils Game-Changing PacketLogic Report Studio

FREMONT, Calif., November 14, 2011 - Procera Networks, Inc. ("Procera") (NYSE Amex: PKT), the intelligent policy enforcement company, today announced the availability of PacketLogic Report Studio, a breakthrough analytics solution for network operators. PacketLogic Report Studio leverages the rich dataset collected by the PacketLogic solutions to provide the business-ready analytics and reporting that network operators need to effectively run their companies.

"The market for reporting of network intelligence is strong. Service providers need quicker, more interactive options for their policy statistics and reporting," says Matt Davis, Program Director at IDC. "Operators need powerful tools to provide the optimal quality of experience with ever-increasing amounts of customer traffic."

Procera's PacketLogic Report Studio is the first solution to enable network operators to conduct sophisticated analyses on their network traffic for capacity planning, marketing analysis and service planning. Also unique to this solution is that they can turn it immediately into an executive-level, business- and print-ready report. The Report Studio can be used to shape investments in network infrastructure, new services marketing and product launch decisions by providing a richer set of analytics directly related to the usage trends for subscribers, applications, devices and locations. Competitive solutions are targeted toward creation of generic dashboard charts or canned reports. PacketLogic Report Studio's sophisticated design and layout engine, however, facilitate the delivery of complex analytics, covering both data gathered by the PacketLogic Intelligence Center and data from external sources, to provide relevant business input to decision makers.

"The datasets used in the reports and analytics are only limited by the creativity of the report creator," says Cam Cullen, Procera's Vice President of Global Marketing. "These reports aren't just 'canned data' or fixed graphs – PacketLogic Report Studio's analytics are geared to answer the questions that network operators have in order to manage a profitable business. Our customers tell us that the design engine delivers visually compelling and easily understandable reports that don't take hours to complete. It makes their jobs easier and their decision processes more informed."

Procera's customers are already using Report Studio to shape their network investments. Example reports that are regularly produced include:

Network Usage and Summary Reports that include snapshots of network and subscriber behavior over a specific time period for trending analysis and capacity planning
Streaming Video Analysis, including Quality of Experience (QoE), minutes of use, CDN usage, content provider awareness and device analytics
Peering Reports that detail peering usage, including top applications per peering link, growth and QoE
Mobile Device Analytics on usage, application trends (including growth in streaming video per device type), device adoption rates with location awareness, and service plan behaviors for input to new and innovative service creation and charging plans
Through these analytics, customers using PacketLogic Report Studio have the ability to get simple answers to complex questions such as, "How many subscribers in Manhattan are heavy Facebook users and would be candidates for a 'Facebook for Free' plan, and what would my financial exposure be based on their data consumption?" With answers like these easily available in a timely fashion, operators are more fully in control of their networks and network profitability.

"Network operators without detailed and accurate network business analytics are missing a significant opportunity to exceed their customers' expectations, to capitalize on the latest trends and to turn them into profits," notes Cullen. "PacketLogic Report Studio provides the information you need to run your business."

PacketLogic Report Studio is included at no cost with the PacketLogic Intelligence Center and is available now.


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